Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bloggy meeting plus

The Rev. Judith Robbins, Cindy Leavitt and I, Lee Roberts, met to discuss what this blog should look like and contain.

A board meeting had been scheduled, however, between the annual meeting last week and other extenuating circumstances, we three were the only attendees and did not constitute a quorum of four.

Cindy and Judith addressed some changes in the by-laws so as to make recommendations to the board later.

Secretarial duties need adjustment;

The make up of the denominational members of the board to honor the original charter needs examining;

The realities of terms for officers and board members necessitate a qualification;

The standing committee headings need adjustment and should include building committee;

Ministerial committee will remain ad hoc;

Eliminate reference to church school superintendent;

Choir director is appointed by the church;

Womens Work committee eliminated;

Church support sources adjusted;

Treasurer's duties were simplified;


Annual meeting to be held in January, the board will determine the date;

Remove requirement to post meetings on church door;

Order of business for meetings;

Voters at annual meetings will be limited to church members;


Proposed changes to the by-laws will be made via the newsletter.

[Update: 3p.m.] The secretary later undertook to create a calendar that can be reached online by anyone and linked from the blog with pertinent church dates.

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