Friday, March 11, 2011

Tucker Talk

I am half way through my second week as pastor of the Sheepscott Community Church. It has been a very busy time simply "getting my ducks in a row." This past Wednesday evening I attended for the first time the Community Meal at Second Congregational Church in Newcastle. Our church does the meal the second Wednesday of every month. What an enjoyable evening it was. Twelve members of our congregation prepared and served the meal and many others brought food. From the moment my prayer was completed there was happy chatter, laughter and evening singing by those who had come to break bread together. I remarked to someone that I wished the church could always be such a happy place. The guests helped clean up and put away the tables and chairs.

The New Testament often refers to the Kindom of God as a great banquet to which everyone is invited and welcomed. I sensed for a brief moment in time that I had become a part of God's Kingdom. It was Holy Communion in the best sense of that term. Jesus said: "Come...inherit the kingdom from the foundation of the world; for I was hungry and you gave me food..." (Matt.25:34). I hope that many of the people of our church will choose to particpate in the ministry of this monthly meal. I look forward to the second Wednesday of April.

See you in church,

Pastor Hal

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