Sunday, January 24, 2010

Annual Meeting Liveblog

Board members present, Cindy, Bill, Karen, Lee, Bruce, Joanne, Sonnie, CJ

1100 -- Food, yummy food.
1125 -- Judith prays us in.
1126 -- Jon outlines the success of the building committee; ramp, mailbox, parking lots, walkways and a need for paint on the Valley Church.
1128 -- Bev from the Hospitality Committee: Christmas Lessons and Carols' success; grateful for Sonny and Bill for their continued coffee providing; Easter Breakfast next--usually run by the "men of the church." Tony volunteered to chair, has done it before. Bean suppers and four coffee hours per year.
1131 -- Sunday School, Chrissie says she still enjoys it. Next fall traveling schedule will require more support.
1135 -- Sonnie's cookbook report. "Mentioning campaign" has worked. Fewer than 50 left to sell. From 560 to under 50. Louis Doe, Cottage Gardens and Eleanor and Anita's have sold them for us. Never too early to think about the Yard Sale, tentatively third Saturday in June.
1138 -- Music: Caroll, speaking on behalf of the choir, "Everyone is so faithful...come hell or high water...don't mind staying." It is outreach for the community. Planning and Easter Cantata Good Friday evening, Lenten Cantata--Seven Last Words of Christ. Will have an organist so Carol can "get up and wave [my] arms." Bev Sperry: bring a friend.
1141 -- Mission Committee, Jan and Tony: "Community Supper has been a tremendous success." Sally and Steve Bush help always and bring other people. Tony: "We show up...We're a part of the meal." The Heifer Project, over 1,000 "arks" in Chile. Consider a Heifer Project contribution.
1146 -- Minister's report, Judith, State of the Church: very good. Solvent. That's good news. Greater visibility; "we are an entity." Need greater visibility. Karin's donation of the piano. Will supply notes as part of the days' blog.
1200 -- Treasurer's report, Bill Robb. Click for last year's budget. 2010 budget attached here.
1205 -- Revised bylaws with Cindy Leavitt, to be attached. Internal control changes to be attached. Bruce Ulrich moved to accept the revised by-laws, Joanne seconded. Unanimously approved.
1215 -- Cindy thanks current board. Bruce and Sonnie will leave the board. Cindy and the board thanked them both. Chrissy Wajer and Cindi Brinkler are proposed new members. Sonnie moved to approve proposed board, Joanne seconded. Approved unanimously.
1219 -- Call for new business. Karen moves to adjourn, Cindy seconds, unanimously approved.
1220 -- Judith closed with prayer.

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