Sunday, January 17, 2010

Board Meeting Notes

Initial Agenda: to be adjusted
1) To ask what the Board wants to do vis-a-vis the by-laws. Is it
enough for you, Cindy, (or me) to read the changes to those assembled?
The revised by-laws had been available for any interested members of
the congregation to read earlier in 2009 at the back of church.

2) To get the Board's opinion/feedback about several different ideas
for a Lenten series of talks.

3) To inform about Easter plans: Maundy Thursday Communion Service;
Good Friday evening cantata presented by Carroll and the choir: "The
Seven Last Words of Christ;" Sunday sunrise service, breakfast,
regular service.

4) Other?

Attendees: Sonnie, Bill, Donna, Cindy, Bev, Lee, Judith and John

I. Approval of November Minutes
Bill; Donna Second. Minutes approved

II. Agenda Additions
A. Coffee maker--blows fuse; use long wall outlet

III. Old Business - None

IV. Minister's Report

A. Education/Presentation
1. Thursday Morning Ladies' Circle (not to be called Ladies' Circle)
a. What do people want?
B. Easter
1. Maundy Thursday Communion, 1. April. 2010
2. Cantata, Good Friday, 2. April. 2010

V. Committee Reports
A. Building Committee
1. Ethan has done a great job with the copious snow.
2. Sonnie asked about an exterior light
3. Bill said heat had been too warm upstairs; keep one downstairs vent open
4. Furnace has been serviced
B. Finance Committee
1. In the black - see attached. Donna moves to accept report; Sonny seconds.
C. Hospitality Committee
1. Easter Breakfast -- Ted Smith has been volunteered to organize.
D. Cookbooks
1. Sonnie: 50 cookbooks left, market saturated; keep it up.

VI. New Business
A. Annual Meeting - draft agenda;
1. Judith asked about order of bylaw changes and new board members
a. New bylaws say one member each from the two constituent groups and the other four members of the church. (Bylaws formerly called for two per grouping.)
B. New Bylaws
1. Will post new bylaws on blog.
2. Judith and Cindy read changes; see link/attached.

VII. Adjournment
A. Sonnie moves to approve; Donna seconds.

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